Team Building Challenges at Off Road NZ

Set amongst New Zealand native bush, Off Road NZ’s team building challenges place an emphasis on mental rather than physical agility and require planning and teamwork. There are no traps or tricks, but the ability to communicate clearly can make all the difference!

Key Elements
Planning, brainstorming, teamwork and support, time management, clear communication, trust, productivity, ability to laugh and concentrate at the same time.

Team Building Challenges

Stretcher Rescue
In this Rotorua team building challenge, the team is measured on the time taken to complete it and on the overall cost. A variety of useful-looking equipment can be mock-hired as necessary, but once underway, no more can be hired. A good initial plan and strict budget is therefore necessary for a good result.

Stepping Stones
This one looks easy but part way through, with the team spread out but within sight, a brainstorming exercise is usually required to complete the challenge within time and budget.

Team Initiative Circuit
An assault course with a twist. No fitness required. No particularly difficult stations. Effective teamwork and planning will get everyone through.

All Aboard
Get your whole team balanced on board the “HMS Off Road”. All you have to do is stop the “ship” from hitting the rocks while completing the given activities. Sounds easy until you try it!

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Off Road NZ Stretcher Rescue Team Build

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