The 4WD Bush Safari Vehicles

Off Road NZ uses a fleet of Suzuki Jimnys for our 4WD Bush Safari experience. In your Suzuki Jimny you will traverse unbelievably steep climbs and descents; attempt tight, twisting bends and slide into deep, muddy holes!
Our 4WD Bush Safari is one of Rotorua’s best adventures yet! These vehicles even have heaters and air conditioning! You will stay warm and dry – the vehicles get dirty!

Vehicles Specifications
  • Ladder type fram to stabilize the ride and absorb shock from the roughest terrain
  • High performance, three-link coil suspension
  • Certified 4WD disk brakes (modified by Off Road NZ)
  • Large diameter front and rear disc brakes - servo assisted
  • An economic 4-cylinder, 1,328cm3 DOHC engine
  • 4 speed automatic
  • Air locking hubs
  • Custom body protection (to ensure those “little mistakes” aren't expensive ones!)

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4WD Suzuki Jimny Side

4WD Suzuki Jimny Front
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